Chill Bowl with Marble Base
Chill Bowl with Marble Base

Chill Bowl with Marble Base


Fine built to provide drinks from a finely-tuned spout, the Chill Carafe with Marble Base sports a wide base while the neck and mouth and slimmed and tapered prevent any accidental spillage or over-pouring.

All pieces are made from the same delicate crystal glass and come with their high-grade marble bases for stability. Though made from a glass material, all pieces are durable for contemporary in-home use.

The Chill Carafe with Marble Base is available with the following:


  • Awards: iF Design Award (2017), Red Dot Design Award (2017)
  • Material: Lead-free crystal, marble
  • Made In Turkey
  • Dimensions: Item: Width 6", Height 7.5", Weight 2.55Lbs
  • More Information: Handwash recommended

This NUDE Chill bowl consists of two pieces: a crystalline glass vessel and a marble base designed to sit underneath. The clever construction helps to maintain the temperature of your chosen dish while adding a refined textural contrast to the mix. Available in two sizes — this one is M.

  • 5.75 fl oz / 3.54" / 2.20"
  • Handmade
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Marble base for cooling effect